We are dedicated to investigating the technical aspects of air purifiers and relating this to how to avoid deficiencies in air purifiers which may have implications for your health.

We aim to employ a spectrum of writers with various special skill sets, but all posts will be reviewed by a health car professional.

AirpurifierMD will recommend truely excellent air purifiers to you and point out where some air purifiers are not so excellent. So hopefully you will not make a buying mistake.

The types of particles that damage health cannot be seen or smelt, they can only be measured with a particle meter. So unfortunately although well-meaning customer reviews are unintentionally misleading, as they do not measure particles with a particle meter. This is also the case for most reviews on the internet, there are a few exceptions including the New York Times Wirecutter, and Consumer Reports.

We are sure that if you read articles on this website, you will come away with information that helps you make a much better choice of air purifier and also use techniques to manage the particle count in your air more effectively. Hopefully, you will also find the posts on the health effects of air pollution full of surprising and helpful information. This will enable you to reduce your family’s exposure to particles and chemicals in the air, so reducing any long-term risks to your health if necessary*.

As a start you may wish to buy an air quality sensor and see how good the quality of the air in your home is.

*The post on the health effects of air pollution contains useful information for everyone, but especially women who are pregnant or intending to become pregnant or who have babies/very young children.